This page is for digital handouts from our conference presenters. Notes, PowerPoint presentations and links to reference material will all be added to this list as they become available, some before the conference and some afterwards.


Please be aware that presenters own the rights to their material. Sharing online is at their option. If you would like handouts or links that you don’t see here, please contact the presenter directly.


Development Track


The Impact of Story

by Cathy Kits


The Power of 60 Minutes: from ZERO to Your FIRST Gift in SIXTY minutes!

by Maynard Wiersma and Dave Broughton


Don’t Get Sucked in to the “Didn’t Know” Vacuum

by Tim Caughey


Measuring the Health of Your Community:  A Practical Application

by Tim Caughey


Development Unleashed: Skills and Disciplines You Can Use to Raise More Money

by Zach Clark


The Enrolment Funnel: What Is It, Do You Have One, and Why You Should

 by Sam Rehman

Business Track


Changes to Accounting, Auditing and CRA Reporting for Independent Schools

by Michael Loewen


Charitable Tax Framework 101

by Tim Williams


Canadian CSI Pension Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen


Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tim Williams


Canadian CSI Insurance Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen


Legal Considerations for Your School’s Building And Capital Projects

by Ken Volkenant




How to Do the Impossible: Practical Methods for Growing a Culture of Giving Without Losing Your Soul by Zach Clark


Positioning Your School for Growth by Braden Douglas


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