Business and Finance Workshops

Architecture Always Wins: Balancing Financial and Educational Priorities

by Ed Noot and Dave Loewen

School design and construction is always a balancing act between educational objectives and budgetary constraints. How does a school find the sweet spot? What does building design mean in the context of 21st-century learning where field work becomes central and the focus is on interdisciplinary, project-based work? This workshop will explore the potential and limitations of building design, and will review case studies where schools were able to achieve the optimum.


Canadian CSI Pension Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

The Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions see Target-Benefit retirement plans as the best model for the future. In this workshop we will examine how the CSI Pension Plan, which is a Target-Benefit plan, provides cost efficiencies and minimizes retirement risks for schools and employees.


Charitable Tax Framework 101

by Tim Williams

SCSBC’s Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts gives parents access to a legitimate charitable receipting option resulting in considerable benefit to those who pay tuition fees to Christian schools. SCSBC has invested significant time, energy and resources in the defense of the framework, which has resulted in a high degree of understanding and acceptance by Canada Revenue Agency. This workshop is designed to get new users of the framework up and running. This workshop assists new business managers understand IC75-23 and using the SCSBC charitable tax framework.  During the workshop, we will also discuss recent challenges for some Alberta schools and how the receipting framework can be modified.


Benchmarking Reports for Schools

by Tim Williams

How does your school compare to similar sized schools? SCSBC

has been providing benchmarks for many years. This workshop explains the benchmarking tool and how you can use it as part of your school’s budget process.


Canadian CSI Insurance Plan

by Howard Van Mersbergen

A comprehensive health insurance plan with flexible features adds value for employers and employees. In this workshop we will explore how the many options within the CSI Plan can be used to achieve both cost containment and increased employee satisfaction.


Changes to Accounting, Auditing and CRA Reporting for Independent Schools

by Michael Loewen

Michael will provide an accounting, auditing and CRA compliance update for Christian schools. He will also discuss possible changes to the SOPSOC and ES reporting required by the BC Ministry of Education for auditors.  There has been much confusion as to what the BC Ministry requires.  Michael will update the participants to possible changes to these reporting requirements in 2016-17 and the implications to BC schools.


Legal Considerations for Your School’s Building And Capital Projects

by Ken Volkenant

Independent Schools must continually plan for capital

additions, replacements and new building programs. In

this workshop we will consider some of the important legal

issues that arise when school’s undertake significant capital

and building projects. We will look at issues that arise out of

contracts, property development, fundraising, property use

agreements and risk management. The principles that we

discuss relating to capital and building projects will also have

broad application for those attendees not currently considering

or experiencing a capital project.


Development Workshops

Development Unleashed: Skills and Disciplines You Can Use to Raise More Money

by Zach Clark


One of the most limited resources we have is time. The work of development is severely limited by the time and energy of our leaders, staff, and volunteers. In this session, we will examine the specific principles, skills, and disciplines that are essential for people involved in the work of raising money in today’s busy and complex culture. This session is highly practical and would be most useful for anyone involved in the development and communica-tions work of raising money as well as board members seeking to influence effective leadership for growing generous giving.


The Power of 60 Minutes: from ZERO to Your FIRST Gift in SIXTY minutes!

by Maynard Wiersma and Dave Broughton

Christian Stewardship Services explains the power of a 60-minute Will Clinic, and the success of a 60-minute Will Visit for your school. In a 60-minute Will Clinic, the participants learn about proper estate planning, and how to include a gift in their will for your school. In a 60-minute free in-home Will Visit we explore estate planning for the client, and options for current and future gifts for your school. These precious minutes equal gifts both now and in the future for your school, and peace of mind for your supporters.


The Impact of Story

by Cathy Kits

Stories have power… to inspire, to energize, and to move people to action. Every school has a unique story to tell. What is your story and how will you tell it? Who’s listening and why?  In this workshop we will explore the role of storytelling and how communicating your “why” will create resonance, connect your values with vision and create opportunities for authentic engagement with your community.


Don’t Get Sucked in to the “Didn’t Know” Vacuum

by Tim Caughey

A sound Community Relations Program begins with reliable knowledge of the communities we serve. How well do you know your community’s expectations, concerns, perceptions and level of commitment? If you are operating in a vacuum, you may be at risk of a disengaged community, lost opportunities, and well-intentioned but misdirected programs. Understanding your communities and their perceptions of your schools is critical as you engage with the contemporary generation of parents and students moving through your schools. In this session we will look at the benefits of being proactive in knowing our communities, as well as the potential consequences of inaction.


Measuring the Health of Your Community:  A Practical Application

by Tim Caughey

Are you relying on “best guesses” when it comes to the health of your school community? This session will be a practical walkabout through a Community Health Audit process that identifies and measures your community’s perception of your school in key areas. Tim will draw on his company’s experience in conducting Community Health Audits with many schools across Australia.


The Enrolment Funnel: What Is It, Do You Have One, and Why You Should.

hosted by Sam Rehman with Cathy Kits

Students keep our doors open, so how do we go about building our student enrolment via our recruitment efforts?  How can we move the enrollment process from reactive to proactive? In this Q&A session we’ll discuss best practices in admissions, with emphasis on building enrolment funnels and how they are easier to create then you might think. Having one will drive your recruit-ment and retention efforts and decisions, leading to better results.


Tuesday Keynote Presentation by Zack Clark

How to Do the Impossible: Practical Methods for Growing a Culture of Giving
Without Losing Your Soul


As Christians, we know and serve the God of all Creation. He is actively engaged in the day to day of your Christian school. He holds unlimited resources for the work He calls you to. But if this is true, why do we often feel so limited in our resources? In this session, Zach seeks to connect what we say we believe as Christians with the practical work of growing a culture of significant giving that advances your Christian school toward your impossible vision.


Wednesday Keynote Presentation by Braden Douglas

Positioning your School for Growth

Enrolment growth, student retention, increased donations, and a fantastic reputation in the community don’t happen by chance. However, in my experience, most Christian institutions focus far too much energy internally and fail to recognize how their strategy translates to an external audience. In this fun and engaging session, you’ll learn the core principles of marketing strategy and smart brand techniques that will position your school for growth. We’ll also go behind the scenes to see the marketing strategy process, insights, and outcomes from an SCSBC member school.


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